Police Reports and Accident Reports

State and Federal laws regulate the release of law enforcement data. Most requests for police / accident reports can be processed within 14 days.  Every effort will be made to meet your request, however, no guarantee can be made.  Click link below for the Records Request Form to request copies of reports. Forms can be returned by mail, fax, email to , or in person, but requested reports will not be released until payment is made. Payment should not be made until it is verified the data is available for release.  Please call the office before sending request if you were a victim of domestic assault and are requesting a copy of the report.

Animal Information

The City of Dayton has an animal ordinance in effect.  Animal owners who permit their animals to be at large may be cited.  The City of Dayton contracts with Monticello Animal Shelter for picking up stray dogs only.  If your dog is missing or you find a stray please call 612-859-6989.


Click here for information regarding curfew in Hennepin County.

Fingerprinting Information

The Dayton Police department provides public fingerprinting for Dayton residents only Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 am and 4:00pm.  Appointments are required and only electronic printing is available.  If you need ink prints please contact the Minnesota BCA or another agency that offers fingerprinting services.  Appointments can be made by calling 763-427-2017. The cost of fingerprinting is $20


The Dayton Police department only issues permits to purchase to residents of Dayton. Permits to carry are issued by the Hennepin County Sheriff. Click here for information regarding permit to carry.

For permit to purchase, present completed application and valid MN photo ID, showing current Dayton address, to the Police Department Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5:00 pm. If you have questions, please call 763-427-2017.  Click here for permit to purchase application.

Hunting Information

The City of Dayton does allow hunting in some areas. A copy of the Dayton City Ordinance regarding shooting can be obtained from City Hall or by clicking here and going to section 131-Weapons.

Click here for map of hunting area on Diamond Lake ***Not exact. To be used for reference only. Hunters must verify they are hunting at the proper distance.

The City of Dayton enforces the MN State Hunting Regulations with the addition of requiring any person firing a weapon on Diamond Lake or French Lake to be 1000 ft from any possibly occupied building, roadway, or park. Anyone wishing to hunt on the river or it’s islands should first contact the Dayton Police Department (if hunting Goodin island) and Anoka County (Cloquet islands) and discuss their plans.

All land in Dayton is private or City owned property, other than the waterways. If you are hunting on land that you do not own, you must be carrying written permission from the owner of the property on your person.

The Elm Creek Park Reserve does on occasion hold special hunts. A special permit is required for these hunts. You can contact the Minnesota DNR or Three Rivers Park for more information.

If you have questions and would like to speak with a MN DNR Conservation Officer, contact the Info Center at 1-888-646-6367.  If you would like to report a possible violator to the MN DNR call the TIP line at 1-800-652-9093

Identity Theft

If you believe you were the victim of Identity Theft, please click here and complete the Identity Theft Victim Packet. When complete, call 763-427-2017 to set up a time to meet with an officer to make a report. Click here for identity theft packet.


Prescription Medicine Disposal

Safely dispose of unused medicines at one of Hennepin County’s medicine drop boxes. Hennepin County provides six drop boxes for residents to dispose of their medicines. Hennepin County does not provide service to pick up medicines directly from your home. Click here for more information and drop off locations. The Dayton Police Department also has  a limited number of prescription medicine disposal bags.  These bags allow you to safely dispose of prescription medications at home.  You can stop by the police department to pick one up.  Please call the office at 763-427-2017 before you come to make sure someone is available to assist you.