Park Improvement Projects


The City has identified 3 Parks for build out or upgrades in 2022, Donahue Dells a small neighborhood Park that staff has been frequently asked by residents for upgrades. Hayden Hills park is part of the Hayden Hills Development, that the City collected funds and land from the Developer to build out as a City Park, residents in the neighborhood are very engaged as the Park was shown as an amenity in the Development. Phase II of the build out of Elsie Stephens Park, Council and Park Commission have requested that staff pursue Phase II of the build out of this destination park.

Paul Kangas has developed plans for the 3 projects and presented them to the Council, Parks Commission, and residents. The feedback from residents and commissioners have been incorporated into the design, layout and equipment selections, for the 2022 Park Improvement Projects. Below is a timeline for the project to date.

Plans were discussed at a meeting with the Parks Commission on February 2 2022. Items discussed included the second play area at Donahue Dells Park, whether to include Tennis Courts, Bocce ball court, and skating rink at Hayden Hills, River access, parking lot size, trail surfacing at Elsie Stephens Park, the plans were unanimously approved with the discussed adjustments incorporated into the plans. The City Council previously approved the playground equipment documents for bid at the February 8 2022 Council Meeting. Plans and specifications for the remaining elements were approved to be completed and put out to bid, by the City Council at the February 22 2022 meeting. Bids were opened on April 28 2022.

Budget Impact

Cost for all 3 projects is identified in the 2022 CIP. Donahue Dells $198,000 split between funds 405, 406 & 408. Hayden Hills $626,000, split between funds 405 & 408. Elsie Stephens Park $700,000 split between funds 405 and 408. Fund 405 Park Dedication fees, Fund 406 Park Capital Replacement Fund. Fund 408 Park Trail Development Fund. Three Rivers Park District is contributing $300,000 for the extension of their Mississippi Regional Trail the funds are identified in their 2023 CIP. We have received funding from Hennepin County youth sports program for the playground improvements at Donahue Dells $25,000. Staff has also applied for a $50,000 grant for the playground equipment at Hayden Hills, we are waiting to hear from the program if we have been awarded the grant, staff has not included these funds as a funding source.  There may be a change order for stone blocks for the Donahue Dells Park, if the contractor can reduce the price from the $10,500 currently in the bid. This would not cause the project to exceed the budgeted amounts.

Park Improvements Contract

2022 Park Improvements Contract was awarded to Parkstone for a bit cost of $1,590,126.75 including alternates selected by the Park Commission.

Park Improvement Projects Timeline

Donahue Dells Drawings & Site Plan

Hayden Hills Drawings & Site Plan

Elsie Stephens Phase II Drawing