The City of Dayton is provided Transportation through Trailblazer Transit to destinations within Sibley, McLeod and Wright Counties.  To schedule a ride you can call 1-888-743-3828. 

Customers should call the Trailblazer Transit office and talk to a dispatcher to schedule their rides.  Trailblazer Transit provides Dial-A-Ride service, meaning the buses pick up and drop off passengers at locations specified by the customers.  A dispatcher will ask the customer or caretaker a series of questions to facilitate the scheduling process.  Bus rides may be scheduled up to one week in advance, but standing orders can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance.  Same-day ride requests can be accommodated, but it is best to call at least 24 hours in advance or as early as possible to schedule rides.  The buses are shared by many customers at the same time, so the ability to get a ride scheduled is subject to the amount of time available to provide the ride and how many other people are using the bus at the same time.

Bus fares may be paid when boarding the bus with cash, checks, or tokens, or the bus fares may be billed. The bus fares listed below are for one single ride for one individual from Point A to Point B.

$4.00 = Rides less than 25 miles.
$8.00 = Rides 25 miles or more.
$2.00 = DISCOUNT RATE for rides beginning and ending entirely within the same city limits.