Dayton Fire – History & Mission

The Dayton Fire department (DFD) was founded in 1962. The original fire station was located at the intersections of Dayton River Road and Robinson Street in old town Dayton. Today’s stations one and two were both built in the 1980’s. Many trucks have come and gone over the years, but the original engine is still owned by the DFD and is being considered for restoration.

The DFD fleet currently consist of two engines, two rescue trucks, one tanker, two rescue boats, a UTV and  two command vehicles. The newest additions, a UTV Polaris ranger xp1000 crew cab North Star edition ultimate and a Sea Ark Jet Boat were acquired by the DFD in 2023. As in many departments across the United States, DFD values and operating procedures have morphed greatly in the past 25 years. The DFD strives for excellence and we hold to our core values of Trust, Integrity, and Professionalism.

Our Mission Statement

The Dayton Fire department strives for excellence in the performance of duty during the service they provide to all citizens.

About Us…

Dayton is one of the fastest growing cities in Minnesota. In spite of unprecedented growth, we remain committed to providing trusted and professional care to our residents. The population increase and thousands of new structures create new and exciting challenges for the DFD. We are working hard to keep up with the growth by increasing our training hours, our number of firefighters and by keeping our equipment up-to-date.

When fully staffed, there are 36 members who continuously train in order to become more effective and efficient at protecting lives, homes, and other property from fire and other disasters. Currently, there are 26 paid-on-call firefighters, a full-time Chief, a full-time Assistant Chief and a part-time fire investigator in the DFD.  Our paid-on-call firefighters include three Line Officers. In addition to fighting fires, our members are trained as First Responders and are first on-scene for Dayton’s medical emergencies. The DFD responds to over 550 calls of various nature each year.

Fire Chief
Gary Hendrickson

Assistant Fire Chief
Kevin Astrup