Fire Education and Prevention

One way the Dayton Fire Department serves our community is by providing fire prevention education for our residents.  The DFD has partnered with Dayton Elementary, public and private preschools and local daycares for years, educating our youngest population about fire safety.

Fire Prevention Week

National Fire Prevention Week is always observed on the Sunday through Saturday in which October 9th falls. This week officially commemorates the Great Chicago Fire. While the Great Chicago Fire is most well-known, a more deadly fire occurred just north of Chicago on that very same day. The Peshtigo fire in Wisconsin on October 8, 1871 become the deadliest forest fire in our nation’s history burning 16 towns and killing 1,152 people.

The Dayton Fire Department celebrates Fire Prevention Week by holding our Open House on the opening Sunday.  Our Open House celebrations provide free fun for the whole family including food, interactive displays, live burn demonstrations, bounce houses, tours of fire, police, aircare helicopters and ambulance vehicles.

Fire Prevention at Dayton Elementary

Always held on the Wednesday of Fire Prevention Week.  Each grade level is given age-appropriate demonstrations and instruction on fire safety. The day includes a full fire alarm/response, demonstrations, tours of the fire department, lunch with the students and, of course, visits from Sparky.

Firefighters at the DFD are willing to educate local homeschool groups of 12 or more. For more information, click HERE. Schedule fire education sessions and tours by emailing Firefighter Sharon Bogle at