Crime Prevention

Crime prevention means using your instincts and actions to reduce a criminal’s opportunity. The Dayton Police department provides proactive crime prevention programs and information to assist citizens in reducing their risks of becoming a victim of crime.

Premise Survey

Business owners in the City of Dayton can request to have the Crime Prevention Officer come to your business and perform a premise survey. This survey will provide you with ideas on how to make your business and property more secure and help avoid becoming a victim of a crime. If you are interested in a premise survey, please email or call 763-427-2017 ext. 252 and set up a time for the survey.

Identity Theft, Fraud and Scams

Have you been a victim of identity theft, fraud or a scam?  Are you looking for information on how to avoid becoming a victim?  The Federal Trade Commission has numerous brochures on these subjects available to view at  Scroll to the file you would like to view and click the pdf link under the picture of the publication. 


Crime Prevention Tips

Each month the Police department will post a new crime prevention and/or safety tip for the community.  These tips can provide information on what residents can do to help keep our community safe. If you have any questions about any of the information contained in these tips, please contact Officer McAlpine at 763-427-2017.