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Parking Permits

Parking on streets in the City of Dayton is prohibited between the hours of 2 am and 6 am without permit.  Residents may obtain up to 3 permits, free of charge. Permits will be issued for passenger vehicles only.  Permits are not valid for commercial vehicles, RV’s, boats, trailers, etc.  Residents can come in to the Police department, with ID showing proof of residency, to fill out an application. You may also fill out the parking permit application and mail it to:

Dayton Police Department
13700 Zanzibar Lane North
Dayton, MN 55327

Parking Permit Application

Permits do not permit parking that is prohibited by any other City or County ordinances, or MN State Statutes.  If you have any question, please call 763-427-2017.

Moving / Storage Containers and other obstructions in Roadway

The Dayton Police Department receives several calls each year asking about the rules regarding obstructions in the road right-of-way. Many of the calls are regarding placing storage containers, landscaping materials, and other items in the road right-of-way.  These items can obstruct the view and/or travel of vehicles traveling on the roadway and create a safety hazard.  Minnesota Statute §160.2715 prohibits man-made obstructions in the public road right-of-way. This statute can be a bit confusing so the following information is designed to provide a more detailed explanation of what constitutes an obstruction.

The definition of the Public Road Right-of-Way is the area of land reserved by law, public ownership, easement, dedication or public use for the operation and maintenance of a public road under the City’s road jurisdiction, including the traveled portion of the road, shoulders and the remaining area on both sides of the road extending to the outer boundaries of the right-of-way.

Man-Made Obstruction means an object, structure, rock, planting, post, barrier, wall, fence, excavation, obstacle or other impediment that has been installed, erected, constructed, located or placed in the public right-of-way that creates a potential safety hazard for motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians using the road; or that impedes, hinders or interferes with the free and safe passage or parking of vehicles using the road; or that interferes with or impedes storm water drainage or causes soil erosion; or that renders snow removal and roadway maintenance more difficult and is not an original feature of the land.

Man-Made Obstruction shall also include the following items located in the right of way: any unlicensed vehicle, any trailer that is not attached to a licensed vehicle, any and storage container (i.e. moving storage containers).“Man-Made Obstruction” does not include utility structures and installations located pursuant to permit or approval, nor does it include signs, traffic control devices, structures, or other installations located in the public road right-of-way by public authorities or their agents and contractors.

Impound Information

The Dayton Police department currently uses the following tow companies for towing and impound services:


Snowmobiles may be ridden in the City of Dayton on city streets at speeds less than 20mph, excluding Dayton River Road (Co Rd 12), North Diamond Lake Road (Co Rd 144), Brockton Lane (Co Rd 13), Fernbrook Lane (Co Rd 121), and County Road 81 or any highways. Hours of permitted operation are Monday – Thursday from 7 am until 11 pm, and Friday – Sun 7 am to 1 am.

Your snowmobiles must have the standard equipment of headlight, tail light, reflective material of at least 16 square inches, adequate brakes and dead man’s throttle.  Any questions, please contact our office at 763-427-2017.  Please ride safe and be respectful of others and their land.

For more information on snowmobiling in Minnesota click here for MN DNR Snowmobiling Information