Road maintenance is an essential part of Public Works. By providing the proper maintenance, Dayton’s road system will give residents safe roads to travel on, and extend the life of the roads. In the winter time staff works to clear snow and put salt/sand down to help with icy conditions. Spring, summer, and fall months are utilized to fix potholes, complete crack-filling, and other maintenance work.

The City contracts out the majority of the asphalt road maintenance from full street reconstruction to crack-filling. Staff is responsible for fixing potholes, so if you know of one, please submit a contact form by choosing the department drop down menu to Public Works. Staff is also responsible for gravel road maintenance. They provide additional class 5 gravel where needed, and grade the roads in order to ensure proper storm water runoff.

Snow Plow Policy

The City Council adopted a new snow plowing policy on 10/28/15. Plowing will begin after accumulation of 2″ of snow or more, drifting snow, icy conditions that will affect travel. Plowing will begin on the arterial routes, then high volume residential streets, then low volume residential, and last but not least cul-de-sacs, trails and city parking lots.  Please review the following guidelines:

  • The City will repair damage to curbs and sod caused by city snowplows when warmer months approach.
  • The City does not assume liability for mailboxes damaged during snow plowing operations, unless it is determined that a plowing unit made direct contact with the mailbox.
  • The City will not be liable for obstacles such as posts, shrubs, sprinkler heads and ornamentation placed on the City right-of-way (boulevard) that may be damaged as a result of snow removal operations.
  • Garbage cans/recycle bins should be placed approximately 2 feet behind the curb in the driveway or yard. Plow operators cannot leave the vehicle to move bins left in the road.
  • Please help keep fire hydrants free from snow in your neighborhood. It can save firemen precious time in case of emergency.
  • Please stay back from snow plows as it can create an accident if followed too close.

If an emergency situation occurs, and your street is not plowed, contact Hennepin County Dispatch at 612-596-0299 or the Dayton Police Department at 763-427-2017.  Any inquiries for assistance from Hennepin county (i.e. road maintenance, tree trimming, road signs etc) should be directed to Hennepin County Dispatch 612-596-0299, they will set up a work order and prioritize the work.

Hydrant Flushing

The semi-annual water main flushing program occurs every fall and spring. The process of flushing the water system may result in low water pressure, cloudy or discolored water during the days the system is being flushed. The discolored water is not dangerous to your health. Please be aware of the water quality while doing laundry or other tasks that require rust-free water.  Flushing fire hydrants and water mains provide several benefits to the water users of our systems including improving water quality and verifying operation for maintenance or repair. For questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Public Works at (763) 427-3224. 

Street Sweeping

Every year the City of Dayton hires a contractor to sweep the streets twice a year.  The effort is scheduled to remove the winter debris buildup and winter ice sanding material prior to spring rains and flushing into the City’s storm sewer system.  Public Works will make an announcement within the Communicator as well as Announcements on our City page when street sweeping is scheduled.

Ditch Mowing Procedures

The City of Dayton will do selective ditch mowing beginning mid-June.  If there is a safety concern, the ditch will be mowed.  However, in an effort to give nesting birds and animals that use the roadside ditches to raise hatch-lings and young animals, full mowing will not occur until August 1. This policy is a recommendation for State, County and Township by MN/DOT & DNR.

If you have additional questions, please contact our Public Works Department at 763-427-3224.

Please see link below for more information.

Roadsides for Wildlife