COVID-19 Information & Resources

July 22, 2020 Update

Masks Required In All Facilities

In Compliance with Emergency Executive Order 20-81, a face covering is required when visiting public indoor spaces beginning Saturday, July 25, 2020.  This includes ALL facilities.  To learn more please visit,

City Hall is Open to the Public

  • Mask is required in all facilities.
  • Please only one person in the lobby at a time.  If you see someone in the lobby, please wait outside until you can be served.
  • Consider making an appointment at (763) 427-4589
  • Please maintain a total of six feet distance
  • If dropping off permit, please use box outside City Hall door.  All permits are issued electronically.

Changes to Police Services

  • If you need to make a police report, please call 911. If the report is one that can be taken over the phone, the officer will do so. If a response is needed the officer will respond to the scene.
  • If you will be leaving town and would like a house check, please use the form at or call the office at 763-427-2017 to set up the house check.
  • If need to obtain a copy of a police report, begin by calling the office to see if report is available and what the cost would be. After speaking to the police department staff, go to , complete the record request form and mail along with check for payment to Dayton Police Department 13700 Zanzibar Lane Dayton, MN  55327, or complete the form and email to and call City Hall at 763-427-4589 and make a credit card payment over the phone.  Once payment and request form are received the report will be emailed if there is no private data included.  Otherwise, it will be returned via USPS.
  • No public fingerprinting will be done until further notice.

Business Resources

Emergency Rental Assistance Due to COVID-19