Pineview Lane/Oakview Lane & 121 Intersection

Pineview Lane/Oakview Lane and 121 Intersection

Background Information:

The City is moving forward with a road improvement project along Pineview Lane, CSAH 121 (129th Avenue North), and Oakview Lane in May. The City of Dayton is partnering with Hennepin County and the Three Rivers Park District to complete these improvements.

This project will include reconstruction of Pineview Lane between 129th  Ave N/CSAH 121 (south end) and South Diamond Lake Road (north end). A roundabout is proposed to be constructed at the intersection of CSAH 121 and Pineview Lane. In addition, improvements along the Oakview Lane loop directly east of Pineview Lane will be completed to improve the pavement surface. The proposed project includes roadway improvements, storm sewer construction, and trail connection/improvements.   The project will also include construction of a trail along the west side of Pineview Lane. The trail will connect the City’s trail along South Diamond Lake Road to the trail system within Elm Creek Park to the south of the intersection of Pineview Lane and CSAH 121.

The project will include significant traffic impacts during the summer of 2020, including closures of the roadways within the project area. Additional details related to construction staging and scheduling, as well as information regarding proposed road closures and detours will be provided in the future. This project is anticipated to start in spring 2020, with substantial completion in fall 2020, and final completion in summer 2021.

Stay Informed:

The City will be sending out email updates.  These updates will include more specific last-minute changes or useful information about the project.  If you wish to receive these updates please email with confirmation that you would like to be included on the email and the email address you wish the information to be sent to.

Contacts for Project:

Lauren Pierce: Cell – (701) 213-9245 & Martin Farrell: Cell – (612)751-8847

Pineview Lane
  • Reconstruct the roadway to include concrete curb or a shoulder along the edge of the roadway.
  • Pineview Lane will remain a two-lane roadway.
  • Improve intersection access
    • Construct a roundabout at the intersection of Pineview Lane and CSAH 121.
    • South Diamond Lake Road and CSAH 121.  This will include construction of a left turn lane at the northern end of the project.
  • Construct a trail along the west side of Pineview Lane, connecting existing trails north and south of the project area.
  • Drainage Improvements, including the installation of storm sewer, catch basins and culverts.
Oakview Lane
  • Complete street reconstruction, including reconstruction of the full pavement section and installation of a sand drainage layer with subgrade drainage.
  • Drainage improvements, including replacing storm sewer infrastructure along Oakview Lane.  This primarily include catch basins and outlets, while stabilizing the ravines that have formed where current stormwater outlets for this roadway.  The ravines are proposed to be improved by installing stormwater pipes and installation of riprap.
CSAH 121/129th Ave N
  • Construct a roundabout at the intersection with Pineview Lane.  Currently, topography prevents adequate sight lines for users exiting Pineview Lane and attempting to enter CSAH 121.  The roundabout will also allow for safer pedestrian crossing for the proposed trail connection.  This is the preferred intersection improvement for both Hennepin County and Three Rivers Park District, as it provides efficiency and safety for all users of the intersection.
  • This improvement would also be accompanied by vertical grade corrections to provide proper sight lines for motorists at the intersection.
Navigating the Roundabout

Please view the following MN Department of Transportation link for a quick video and information on navigating a roundabout.