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 FREE Dynamic Aging Workshop

This workshop is a great introduction to our Move Younger Wellness Series.

Tuesday, September 20 | 5:00p-6:00p

Refreshments provided  |  Space is Limited!  Please register at: Book online

Who says aging is all downhill?  Adjust your aging trajectory and feel younger for longer!  This class meets you where you are at, and at any age. Only 35 but feel 75 when you try to get up off the floor?  Only 60 but feeling 90? Learn how to change the way you move, so you can immediately change the way you feel. ​ Through simple movements and alignment techniques, Dynamic Aging exercises assist in:

developing whole-body health  *  discovering pain relief  *  building strength and stability  *  reestablishing alignment and balance

creating more mobility  *  reducing tension  *  decreasing pain/inflammation  * improving overall wellbeing