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Dayton 4 Life is an adult wellness series of programs, activities, events, and partnerships. It concentrates on you, the participant, and creating the life you want by taking a holistic approach to whole-life wellness.  Our goal is helping you achieve YOUR goals– whether that might be to start a wellness journey, adjust your aging trajectory, enhance your social life, or just have fun.


By joining Dayton 4 Life, you become part of a network of wellness-minded individuals, local partners, and city staff. This also includes exclusive access to: Members-only Facebook Group Email Newsletter of upcoming programs, including early-access registration! Discounts for classes Free weekday use of the Dayton Activity Center for small social groups Wellness mailings Earn participation points to use towards programs, events, prizes, and swag!
Dayton 4 Life is not your standard run-of-the-mill cookie cutter senior citizen fitness program.  It uses the focus of each pillar of wellness when designing and delivering every class.  Each and every program is created with intention to help fulfill a holistically healthy life.  This means we want our participants to not only be strong physically, but mentally, socially, and spiritually as well.

It’s not too often when you hear that a program just let’s you be the CEO, but Dayton 4 Life is offering that exact opportunity–you get to be the CEO of Your Health!

Often we hear that aging comes with aches, pains, debilitating chronic conditions, financial disparity, and general deterioration.   What if that doesn’t have to be the case?  Would you adjust your aging trajectory if you could?

We aren’t doctors, nutritionists, or wizards, BUT by stepping up and accepting the role of CEO of Your Health, we can help support you in achieving your goals, and be your cheering squad as you work towards the functional capacity that is best for you.  We can’t promise any certain outcomes of course, but we will work our hardest to provide high-quality, tailored programming to help get you where you want to go.

Dayton 4 Life Spring Session (8.5 × 11 in)

Wellness Classes

Move Younger Wellness Classes

8-Week Spring Session April 4 – May 25 2023   

Fees: Classes are donation based, if able, suggested $5/class.

All classes take place at the Dayton Activity Center. Registration is required. 

Please register:  Book online 


Move to the Music 4:15p-5:00p

Are you “so over” the Zumba trend, but still love to move to music? Come dance like no one is watching with this unique, fun & functional movement class!  Perform mindfully choreographed movements to music from all different genres to gently improve flexibility, coordination, and spine health.  Fun movement games will also be incorporated to help boost cognitive ability, brain function, and memory.

Mindful Movement 5:15p-6:00p

Relax, take a deep breath, and release the worries of the day!  This restorative class teaches breathwork and easy techniques, for any age, to alleviate aches & pains, reduce muscle tension, improve posture & range of motion, increase circulation, and promote relaxation.  Each movement is taught so it can be incorporated into your daily life to further enhance muscle function, mobility, performance, and overall well-being. Everyone is welcome, please be comfortable getting up and down from the floor unassisted.


Tai Chi 9:00a-9:45a

Tai Chi invites you to move slow in a fast world. Often called medication in motion, Tai Chi is comprised of easy-to-learn forms that are both healing and mindful. Low-impact movements are practiced in a slow, flowing sequence to improve posture, balance, range of motion, confidence, cognitive abilities and mind-body integration.

Melt your Muscles 10:00a-10:45a

Aging is inevitable – aches and pains are not!​ Change the way you move, and you can immediately change the way you feel. Through simple movements and alignment techniques, Melt your Muscles exercises reduce muscle tension, improve posture and joint range of motion, increase circulation, and promote relaxation through alignment, stretching, and muscle and tissue release. They are easy to learn and are a must for everyone to improve function, mobility, performance, and overall well-being.

Interested in Small Group Training?  Contact us at for availability & pricing!

Kristie Walker is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist with a Master’s degree in Health Promotion, a B.S. degree in Kinesiology, and is the former Director of Education and Training for a national fitness certification company.  As a master instructor and trainer, she has presented workshops and taught classes both nationally and locally and holds certifications in personal training and over 15 group fitness formats. With over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, she brings to Dayton cutting edge, comprehensive whole-body, and paradigm-shifting movement programming to extend the life of our bodies and the quality of our lives. Visit her website for more information at

Step to it Challenge

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Juniper Evidence Based Wellness Programs

Evidence Based Wellness Programming with Juniper The City of Dayton has partnered with Juniper, a research-based series of wellness programs offered throughout the state of Minnesota. Creating a Healthier Minnesota Juniper is helping communities across Minnesota create a culture of health, where prevention and wellness are the norm. Our programs give you the tools you need to take control of your own health and manage in a way that works best for you and your life. Juniper programs provide education, fitness instruction, and self-care strategies for participants; they do not replace clinical care provided by doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Our evidence-based programs help people across the state experience improved wellness and quality of life. What are “evidence-based” programs? Evidence-based programs are developed and verified by researchers to promote self-management of chronic health conditions (such as diabetes and chronic pain), prevent falls, and foster individual well-being. Juniper offers evidence-based programs for: Preventing Falls Preventing and Managing Diabetes Managing Chronic Conditions and Pain Learn more and register for classes by visiting: Current Classes: Juniper Classes

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