Construction Information

The contractor finished the majority of watermain on West French Lake Road last week. Storm sewer will commence on the north side of West French Lake Road and site grading will continue into this week.

Traffic Information

The north end of West French Lake Road will be closed to all traffic starting September 19, 2022, through September 23, 2022. Resident on the south side of the construction zone must enter/exit through East French Lake Road. Staff will coordinate with residents throughout the week to inform residents of traffic/access updates.

Safety Information

Please use caution as you drive through the site and heed signage and/or flaggers that may be present.

Continued Updates

It is the intent of staff to provide regular email updates to notify residents of progress on this project. Please share this email with other residents to let them know how they can stay informed about the project. If you know of anyone that wants to be added to the emailing list, please have them email

Project Contacts

Please direct questions about the project to the following individuals:

Rowdy Schmidt                                                 Connor Johnson

Cell: 612.282.9549                                            Cell: 612.443.3013

Email:                 Email:


WFLR Construction Resident Access Link