Create meals, not waste: Join Hennepin County’s Stop Food Waste Challenge

We love food, which leaves us wondering: why do we let so much of it go to waste? About 40% of food is wasted somewhere along the supply chain, and you may be surprised to learn that much of that food waste happens at home.

Food waste costs each of us a significant amount of money, not to mention the resources that go into producing and transporting our food. Here in Hennepin County, we throw away enough edible food each year to fill Target Field 1.5 times!

Improve your food-waste-fighting skills with the Stop Food Waste Challenge

Learning skills like creating a meal plan, buying just what you need at the grocery store, cooking creatively, and properly storing food can have a big impact on reducing the amount of food in your home that goes to waste.

Join Hennepin County’s online Stop Food Waste Challenge to learn easy, practical skills that will help you stop wasting food, put more money in your pocket, and create a healthier environment. Even better, taking steps to reduce food waste is one of the most important actions we can take to address climate change.

How the challenge works

When you join the challenge, you can commit to taking actions that will have the most impact in your household – the challenge has more than 40 actions to choose from in five categories.

The first step is to sign up, create your profile, and join or start a team. Then, browse the categories and actions, check off the actions you already take, and select up to five one-time actions and five daily actions to make progress on during the four-week challenge.

It’s recommended that everyone starts with tracking their food waste for one week – it’s the best way to learn what’s going to waste in your household and identify ways to prevent it. Taking actions in the weekly focus areas will help you concentrate on the highest impact actions in each category, no matter where you are on your food-waste-reduction journey.

Once the challenge starts, you will report what actions you take, see the impact of your actions add up, and connect with others. Participants will get email updates with resources and tips for taking action and opportunities to attend reducing food waste webinars.

The challenge goes from October 13 to November 10. Join the challenge now at