Please do not flush wipes and prevent Sewer service disruptions

Concerns with COVID-19 has created a shortage of toilet paper products available to consumers. As a result, people are looking for alternative products.  Consumers are considering many items as a substitute for toilet paper. However, paper towels, cloth, facial tissues, baby wipes, and flushable wipes are not flushable alternatives. These items do not breakdown enough to flow through the sanitary sewer system, and may block lift station pumps (see photo below). Pump failures can have very serious consequences, such as raw sewage backing up into residents’ basements, or raw sewage leaking out onto the street and draining into the storm sewer system and subsequently into ponds, lakes and rivers.

The only product that should be flushed is toilet paper.

Public Health Concerns are created during Sewer Backups. It is the responsibility of everyone to limit their impact of creating a sewer backup. Please do not flush Sanitary product, Diapers, Dental floss, Prescription drugs, Cat litter, Chemicals, Paint, Fats, Oils and Grease. Flushing only toilet paper will help alleviate any future problems with your sewer plumbing and the wastewater system overall.

For more information, please visit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s website at