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Legal Notice




Notice is hereby given that the Elm Creek Watershed Management Commission will meet at Plymouth Community Center, 14800 34th Avenue North, Plymouth, MN, on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at 11:30 a.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, for a public meeting on a proposed amendment to the Commission’s Third Generation Watershed Management Plan.

The Commission proposes to amend its Third Generation Plan to adopt a revision to Table 4.5 of that document – the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) – to add one project and to revise Appendix G, to add a description of that project. The proposed minor plan revision is shown as additions (underlined) or deletions (strike outs).

Table 4.5. is hereby revised to add the following:

Description Location Priority Project Cost Partners Funding Source(s) Commission Share
Rush Creek Stream Restoration-Rush Hollow Maple Grove H $1,600,000 Maple Grove City, levy $400,000


Appendix G, CIP Descriptions, is hereby revised as follows:

 Rush Creek Stream Restoration-Rush Hollow. Stream restoration and erosion repair from Orchid Ln to Fernbrook Ln, approximately 4,000 linear feet. Estimated phosphorus reduction of 200 lbs per year, improved riparian environment, improved floodplain connectivity, improved recreation and access to the creek, and improved education.

The Elm Creek watershed includes parts of the cities of Champlin, Corcoran, Dayton, Maple Grove, Medina, Plymouth, and Rogers.

Persons who desire to be heard with reference to the proposed amendment will be heard at this meeting.  Written comments may be submitted to Doug Baines, Chair of the Elm Creek Commission, c/o JASS, 3235 Fernbrook Lane, Plymouth, MN  55447, or emailed to Auxiliary aids for persons with disabilities are available upon request at least seven days in advance.  Please contact Judie Anderson at 763-553-1144 to make arrangements.

/s/ Doug Baines, Chair

Elm Creek Watershed Management Commission

By order of the Elm Creek Watershed Management Commission