Elevate Hennepin, an initiative from Hennepin County, is designed to support businesses of all sizes in their efforts to grow, create jobs, and evolve. Through this program, businesses located in or operating in Hennepin County can access no cost advising, find business events, and identify local, state, and federal business-support resources. Businesses can get up to 25 hours of insight, technical assistance, or consulting from each advisor.

The more than 20 advisors have expertise in all manner of business topics, including:
• Accounting and bookkeeping
• Finance
• Legal
• Marketing
• Social media
• Web development
• Human Resources
• Strategic planning
• Loan and grant consulting

To get started, visit ElevateHennepin.org or reach out to Economic.Development@hennepin.us to connect with a business navigator to help navigate this incredible resource.

About Elevate Hennepin
The program was designed to support Hennepin County businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest. Since then, it has evolved into an innovative model to encourage growth and an integral part of the county’s economic development engine. So far, more than 1,600 businesses in Hennepin County have utilized Elevate Hennepin for no cost consulting provided by Hennepin County and to identify other business resources and events to enhance their business.