The City of Dayton is conducting a water trails feasibility study in 2022, the aim is to increase the usage and awareness of the waterways in Dayton.

The study will provide a vision, action plan, and funding options for development of a water trail that allows users of ranging abilities safe access to the river and connects paddlers to businesses for food/drink, rentals, sporting gear, etc. in Dayton. With more people spending time outdoors, and opportunities for recreation being an important factor when people make decisions about where to live, now is the right time to start building momentum on these efforts.

Currently the scope of the study is focused on developing the opportunities based on the bodies of water within the boundaries of the City of Dayton. It is anticipated that the scope will grow over time to encompass our neighboring Cities who have river frontage and will provide access to amenities and businesses, in those communities.

Staff has appointed a contractor with experience developing water trails, to conduct the study and make recommendations. We are looking for input from Dayton residents, who have an interest in supporting a water trail project. There will be 2 committees formed to provide feedback on this effort, a stakeholder committee and a steering committee. The stakeholder committee will be a larger committee which will help inform and guide the project through the steering committee. I am anticipating 2 to 3 meetings would be required for the stakeholder committee. Staff is hoping to have our first meeting in early January. The scope for the project shows a 9-month timeframe for completion of the report.

If you have interest in participating as part of the stakeholder committee, please contact Marty Farrell by email at

Thank you!